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Play Halo 3 on PC thanks to ElDewrito

ElDewrito devs brings the Halo 3 multiplayer experience to PC, and a bit of nostalgia.

What’s ElDewrito?

ElDewrito is a community-made mod for Halo Online, a free-to-play version of Halo 3 for PC you probably never heard of because it was only available in Russia and was canceled in 2016. ElDewrito allows the game to be played without region restrictions and aims to fix bugs, glitches, and add mod support.

It also offers server browsers, player and emblem customization, stat tracking, ranked and social servers (with an in-beta ranking system). Anyone can host custom games – as a host player, or with a built-in dedicated server functionality, along with map/gametype voting functionality.

Current status

This project isn’t new and I already talked about it in my “Halo CE is still a thing” post last year, when ElDewrito was already a big project but it still needed a lot of improvements.

Now, after 2 years from the last version (v0.5.1.1 was released on 2016-04-30), the devs have announced ElDewrito 0.6 with this trailer:

The huge changelog is really impressive and we can definitively say that the devs worked really hard on this.

Player population was very low last year but now with this new big update the numbers should grow. The incredible media coverage started from the trailer will also help a lot.
The first day of v0.6 recorded over 3000 players connected at the same time. Definitely a great result for a small team of developers.

Here are some screenshots from version 0.6, which come out yesterday:


Feels like 2007 all over again…

Where do I get this?

The r/HaloOnline subreddit is the start point, where you can see all the official announcements, changelog, download link, tutorial and a lot of other posts from the community. ElDewrito team also has an official website and a Discord server.