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State of the blog

It’s been a while since the last post so here is an update.

I haven’t been very active in the last period (actually, I didn’t post anything here in 2016) but work and other things kept me busy and this place has been abandoned for a while.


At the moment I’m not working on any project. DaysTo is definitely suspended for the moment and honestly, even if it’s a simple project, I don’t know if I’ll spend more time to finish it. However I’d like to take back the Sabre project. I saw a small interest in this project on Github and I have some improvements to make.

Aurora SteamOS

Aurora SteamOS is definitely my most popular project. It has passed 6000 downloads in less than 600 days and only on RealModScene, without counting reupload/repost on other sites! Honestly I would have never thought to achieve a similar result.

SteamOS 0.6b has been released recently and in the next few days even the Metro Color skins should come out. There’re no plans to release more skins than these two at the moment, it’s already difficult to keep these two up to date so probably no new skins will come out.

What’s now?

As I said before, I would like to update the Sabre project. I don’t know when but I already have some ideas.

For the blog, I don’t know if I’ll be active again in the short time, but I still want to keep this platform in order. I made some changes to the theme and in the next days I will fix some old posts.

Also, in the last year, comments have been closed to prevent spam since my inactivity. I have not decided yet whether to reactivate them or not.