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SteamOS Aurora skin

Aurora SteamOS is a dark Aurora skin inspired to the popular game library software.

The Aurora skin project

SteamOS was born to be the first dark Aurora skin available. For those unfamiliar with Aurora, it’s an alternative dashboard for the Xbox 360 console with the goal to replace the old Freestyle Dash.

I’ve been working on this skin since Aurora 0.2 came out and I finally found a bit of time to create a working version that can be released. Here is a little gallery with some pictures:


The alternative splashscreen with the Steam logo can be activated in the Aurora skin settings. Within the archive there’s also an image to place in the “Background” folder if you want.

Skin download

You can find the SteamOS Aurora skin on RealModScene or download it directly from

RealModScene official topic

Mirror #1 Mirror #2

Why “beta”?

Skin is complete, every element as been made “dark” and after some days of testing it seems perfectly stable. Anyway there’re some graphics things that I would like to improve so “beta” here means that I don’t know yet if this will be the final version.

At the moment it’s available for Aurora 0.4 and 0.5.

For questions, problems or to report bugs, please use the RealModScene topic.

Update 2016-12-02: SteamOS available for Aurora 0.6
Update 2018-05-19: SteamOS available for Aurora 0.7