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Sabre file manager

Sabre is a simple web file manager written in PHP with upload and password protection features, available on github.


You can upload, download and delete file through a simple, clean and responsive web-based interface.

There’re a guest mode to allow free access and a restricted mode protected with a password.

Main Features

Currently, Sabre File Manager features are:

  • File list: show files in a specific folder
  • User permission: choose what guest/logged users can do
  • Upload form: add new files in one-click
  • Password protection: free access or ask for a password
  • Config file editor: change settings directly from Sabre

Features that will be coming with future releases include: rename and delete files, config editor, multi-language support.


Extract and copy the Sabre folder on your web server.

To start configuring your Sabre installation you can use the included editor that you can find inside the “install” folder. You can also create/edit the settings.php inside the “config” folder with a classic editor like Notepad++.

See the readme file for more informations.


This project is available on Github. Download link, source code, notes and more about Sabre file manager can be found here.

Github repository

Are you looking for a demo?

Live demo