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Play Saints Row system link without online pass

How to use Saints Row system link functions on Xbox360 and play co-op modes locally or with LiNK without redeem code.

This method works only with jtag/RGH consoles!

Saints Row IV is the last game released of the popular series and seems that requires an online pass, like Saints Row: the Third, to unlock the multiplayer game modes included on the disc.

The Online Pass

The Online Pass is required to play all of the online and offline multiplayer modes. To be short, no online pass means:

  • no online play
  • no system-link
  • no co-op campaign
  • no co-op “Whored Mode”

I think is stupid that isn’t possible to play offline locally using a system link cable without first activate the “Online Pass”, but developers of Volition Inc. have decided in this way.

Without the pass, this is what you see when you want play Saints Row system link:


Saints Row 2, released in 2008 for PS3/Xbox360, has both online co-op and competitive multiplayer but doesn’t need the Online Pass.

The “trick”

To activate all multiplayer modes of Saints Row IV, players need to buy this famous Online Pass or redeem the code that is included with all new copies of the game. Obviously an active internet connection is required.

Who has a jtag/RGH console can’t connect to Xbox Live to redeem the code of his original copy of Saints Row IV but when you purchase the game through the Xbox Marketplace or Steam, the Online Pass is already enabled so I’ve tried to convert the game to GOD with Iso2God and it works!

Welcome to the Saints Row system link menu!

saints row system link menu

Probably the Xbox360 see that the game is in GOD format and bypasses the request of the online pass, maybe because it assumes that you have purchased it from Xbox Live or something like that.

This method has been tested with Saints Row IV and it also works with Saints Row: the Third!

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