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Unlock android phone without hard reset

How to unlock Android phone with pin/password/pattern protection after too many attempts without factory reset.

This must NOT be used for any illegal purpose.
I do NOT hold any responsibility of any phones bricked using this method.

Can happen to forget the lock code chosed for your Android phone. Fortunately, after a few failed attempts the phone asks us mail and password of the Google account associated with the phone.

But what if, at that moment, there’s no internet connection?


The only alternative left was the factory reset but now with the Android Multi Tool you can unlock Android phones and take back the control of it without losing data!

What we need

  • your (obviously) Android phone, locked
  • a PC running Windows, any version
  • the Universal Adb Drivers that you can find here
  • the Android Multi Tools, download here

Android Multi Tools (AMT) works with any Android device. ROOT permissions aren’t required but the usb-debug function must be active!

Remove the protection

First of all install the drivers for your phone on your PC and then the adb driver if you don’t already have them installed.

Turn on your phone and connect it to PC via data cable. Remember that usb-debug must be active!

Now unpack the tool and run “Android Multi Tools v1.02.exe”. Next press “1” then press enter to check if your device is connected properly.


If you’ve a PIN, password protection (or face-lock, not tested) press “2” then press enter.
If you’ve a pattern lock press “3” then enter.

Now the device will reboot and should be unlocked.

Extra function

Other action that can be done with ATM:

Press 5 for: wipe data for reset all data to factory setting
Press 6 for: reboot device to normal mode or exit from adb shell.
Press 7 for: check device on fastboot mode for check connection of device to on fastboot mode.
Press 8 for: wipe data/cache on fastboot mode for erase user data and cache on fastboot mode to resolve freeze, stuk on boot logo or slow down device.
Press 9 for: exit from fastboot mode
Press s for: software info for cpu, firmware version, etc.
Press h for: hardware info for determine the ic number of gsensor, touch screen, camera, wifi and more